Excellence by Precision

... stands for highly appropriate candidate recommendations that are only possible if an experienced executive search professional is able to ...

understand a job description in its multiple dimensions,

identify most relevant candidates creatively, systematically and persistently,

establish contact with identified candidates in a professional, confident and sensitive manner,

interview candidates thoroughly but also with high empathy,

assess the suitability of a candidate for a vacant position,

be not only a competent recruitment advisor to his client company but also an accepted career coach to every candidate ... and ... as a result

recommend the best available candidates to his client.

In the interest of the project success we are also a career coach of every candidate. This is essential for us because suitability is bilateral and therefore needs the accordance of requirements and expectations on both sides.

In every single contact with a potential candidate we focus on two questions:

What does this person want to do and what is he able to do?

We recommend a vacant position to a person only if we are sure that this person meets the requirements of a job description.

We recommend a person as a candidate to our client only if this person is seriously interested in a vacant position.