Premium Executive Search Service

... is not only a promise but our standard.

That’s the reason why we achieve outstanding results for our clients.

Our overall effectiveness amounts to 32 per cent
Our clients recruit every third recommended candidate.

Our acceptance quota amounts to 80 per cent
Our clients invite 80 per cent of the recommended candidates for an interview.

Our proposal quota amounts to 50 per cent
Our clients offer a contract of employment to 50 per cent of the interviewed candidates.

Our contract quota amounts to 80 per cent
80 per cent of the candidates accept an offer received by our clients.

Our sustainability quota amounts to 95 per cent
After two years more than 95 per cent of the placed candidates still work with our clients.

Since 2000 we place top and mid level managers to consulting firms and IT service providers but also to automotive and engineered products OEMs and their suppliers. We fill most urgent vacancies at every corporate function and in every economic relevant region.

Until 2005 we achieved the best results among 200 European partner offices of the worldwide largest organization for executive search services and that was even with a great distance to the second ranked office. At the same time we were ranked as the third best partner office out of 1100 partner offices worldwide.